Service Requests

A simple, flat fee rebuild or servicing of your
out of warranty Duraclutch!

How it Works

Order the Service Request you need, then find a box to return your primary (or primary and secondary) to us with the printed Service Request form.

When you Duraclutch gets here, We will evaluate your clutch and inform you on the next steps, or contact you if we have any questions. 

Next, we will service or rebuild your Duraclutch and then send it back to you, ready to go back into service. 

Just $699 + Return Shipping!


Just $599+ Return Shipping!

Rebuilds may include weights, pins, bushings, one-way bearing seals, grease and clutch packs.

How to Ship Your Duraclutch for Service

After you checkout, you will be redirected to fill in a Return Authorization, and then you MUST download and print the PDF to return with your clutch.

No PDF with your clutches will result in SIGNIFICANT delays!


use packing peanuts


foam in clutches with spray foam


double box your Duraclutch

The reason for double-boxing is to prevent damage during shipping. It does happen and we want to prevent it so you don’t end up with an unusable clutch.  All orders are checked into the system every day and your order will receive immediate attention.

Depending on the shipping carrier, you can request an email notification that your order has arrived at DURACLUTCH. When we return ship the package to you, our carrier UPS will email you and inform you on which day it will arrive at your address. 

*Spray foam will get inside your clutches and will damage them. 

Ship to:

5112 Northstar Lane
Nisswa, MN 56468