Duraclutch Reviews & Testimonials

Duraclutch is the best possible upgrade you can do to your Ranger, RZR, General, Bobcat or Gravely. But please don’t take our word for it… see what everyone else is saying:

"Got the clutch installed last week . It is the best upgrade I've done it is everything you said . I'm extremely satisfied with it polaris should use these straight from the factory two thumbs up"
Troy Flener - Ranger 900 (kit #15-565)
"Works great. Would highly recommend…"
Gerald Abrahamson - Polaris Ranger 800
"Best clutch setup I've ever had. Shifting from forward to reverse was so smooth!"
Shawn M - 2015 900 XP Polaris Ranger
"The Duracluth performs leaps and bounds above the stock clutch. The machine is capable of climbing hills and rocks at low speed with plenty of control and engine braking is a big asset in downhill travel down a mountain."
Wayne Walker - Polaris Ranger 900 XP
"Installed the RzR kit from Duraclutch to replace the worn out factory clutches and all I can say is WOW what a difference in engagement and performance. No more clunky take offs or belt breakdowns. With now close to 3,000 miles on the Duraclutch, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking to upgrade their machine."
Dean Schliek - 2018 RzR XP 4
"Best money I have ever spent on my machine. I don’t have to worry about my belt going out anymore running 32 inch tires."
Eric Nelon - Polaris RZR 900s
"Mainly use my ranger as a hunting buggy, slow driving in rough terrain. The clutch change made a complete difference. Instant clutch engagement. Rock crawling is a breeze, especially big loose rocks uphill. Installed an inline blower at the same time, before installing burning rubber and hot plastic is all you smelled. And yes it’s quieter. Had it since 2019 no issues."
Jack from Carlsbad NM - Ranger 900 xp
"I purchased mine about 8 or 9 years ago after the stock clutch failed, 3 years old. Have not had a problem since I installed the Duraclutch, great product!"
Dan - Ranger Diesel
"The Duraclutch provides me with smooth engagement to allow backing of trailers into tight spaces with predictable movement. I has also allowed me to use high range more often without fear of burning belts. Duraclutch also provides engine braking which is helpful on the steep land I live on."
Pyromedic - Polaris
"Best upgrade RZR really works well at low rpm now without slipping belt."
Russell - Rzr 1000xp
"This clutch is amazing, I run 35" roxxzillas on my machine and do a lot of rock crawling. There's a night and day difference from the stock clutch. I get great engagement and no belt slippage. 2,000 miles and still on first belt. I recommend the Duraclutch for anyone who is running bigger tires and needs a dependable clutch."
Carl - Polaris RZR 1000xp Rock and Trail
"I’ve had the Duraclutch for ~ 2 years and it’s a game changer. I hunt in the steep, rough mountains of Nevada that beats the sh_t out of the Ranger. Actually broke down in the middle of nowhere a 7/4/23 and assumed it was the belt. Pulled the cover off and that belt was pristine. Found out it was the front differential. I also like how it slows you down going down steep grades."
Mark Ditsworth DVM - 2015 Polaris Ranger 900 Crew
"Awesome clutching system. whatPolaris industries should have used from the jump...."
mike greenwood - 800xp Ranger 2010
"Best Accessory I Have Installed So Far"
"You get power without even having to climb up on the RPMs."
"We no longer worry about burning up belts."
"The Duraclutch is truly a game changer"
"My Bobcat doesn’t jerk when he takes off and I can shift with one finger while on an incline"
"You get a lot of power with just a little bit of throttle"
"What I really love about Duraclutch is the instant throttle response"
"My first experience with Duraclutch but are they ever impressive, if your into trail, and rock riding contact them, they are flawlessly smooth and act totally different than clunky OEM clutching!"
"I really like the better engine braking coming down hills"
"Just wanted to let you know the Duraclutch on our 2017 RZR S 1000 is performing fantastic... ...We've put several hundred miles on this Duraclutch, and I can say it's the best change I've made to this RZR."
"Gives me the ability to ease right up things without having to give it a lot of gas."
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