Simply put, the Duraclutch kit provides smoother starts, better engine braking and longer belt life.

Duraclutch is currently available for the Polaris Ranger, RZR and General UTV’s, Sportsman ATV’s, Bobcat and Gravely UTVs.

Polaris Sportsman 570 Clutch
Duraclutch Kit 15-520
Kit #15-558 for Ranger 800 6X6 models
2011 RANGER 4X4 900 D, 2011-2014 RANGER 900 DIESELs - Duraclutch Kit #15-511

A new belt comes with your new DURACLUTCH.

If that belt blows within the first 5,000 miles or the first year (which ever comes first)…..


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Watch this video to see why the DURACLUTCH can make your Polaris RANGER, RANGER Diesel, RZR or General the best it can be.

Mitchell Johnson
About Duraclutch
They don't just build the best clutching system available for your Polaris UTV: They've been a big part of the Polaris UTV and ATV's since they were created. These guys are Rock Stars in the world of off-road vehicles who are dedicated to customer service.

Engagment around 1450 RPM


Notice the shoes and drums have clearance between them which means the shaft can rotate while the sheaves overrun and allow the system to idle. The red compression springs is what sets the engagement speed which is currently set up for 1450 RPM (± 100 RPM)

This means a much smoother start to your vehicle, and increased starting torque, allowing you to pull more weight from a dead stop than you can with a conventional clutching system.


No Initial Scrubbing Results in Prolonged Belt Life

You can now see the clearance between the shoes has been eliminated which means the shaft has reached the 1450 RPM speed required to overcome the spring force and the shaft is now driving the sheaves via the two centrifugal clutches (one on the back face of the stationary sheave and one on the back face of the moveable sheave).

In the condition of an overload (in the low to mid sheave position), the frictional force of the centrifugal clutch shoes is lower then the frictional force between the belt and the sheave faces so the clutch will slip and the belt will not get damaged. In the mid to high sheave shift position, the shoes will be fully locked and there will be no efficiency (performance) lost, making the clutch a seamless transition.

It is also important to note that because the centrifugal clutches act as the overrunning device between the shaft and the sheaves, there is always constant pinch between the sheaves and the belt. This means there is no initial scrubbing every time he CVT starts shifting, resulting in prolonged belt life and a lot less maintenance over the life of the vehicle

It's Fully Tunable

The Duraclutch is the same size as a standard CVT clutch and will fit up to any existing vehicle platform that currently uses a Polaris CVT without any modifications to the engine crank case, clutch back plate, crank shaft or clutch cover.

The Duraclutch is fully tunable (fly weights and compression spring) and is designed to work with the existing Polaris secondary clutches and belts.

The Duraclutch features a one-way overrunning clutch that rides on the main shaft that will give the rider complete engine braking for downhill descents by back-driving the crank shaft in the engine and taking advantage of the compression on the pistons for better control and less wear on the brakes.

Aftermarket Polaris Clutch

No Performance Loss at the High End

At this point, the two centrifugal clutches that are located within the moveable and stationary sheaves are fully locked to the drums and will now carry more torque than the belt to sheave interface so there is no loss of performance at the high end (throttle wide open).

Duraclutch 15-515 2016-2022 XP 4 1000s
Kits vary, but they usually come with everything you need to install them yourself. Every kit has a bundle option so you can get an extra belt, a blower or other items and save on shipping.