What You Should Know About Duraclutch

When you order a Duraclutch, you’ll receive a complete kit which includes a Drive Clutch, sometimes called the Primary, and a Driven Clutch, sometimes called the Secondary, both are loaded with springs and weights and ready to easily install. You will also receive a new belt specifically designed for the Duraclutch. If the belt blows in less than 5,000 miles, or one year we will replace it – free.

The Duraclutch is different from all other clutch kits because the engagement takes place in the internal clutch packs which means the belt is always engaged. The clutch packs in the Duraclutch provide a smooth transition from idle to moving. No more jerking!

The Duraclutch will provide equal or better acceleration and speed compared to the factory stock clutching.

The Duraclutch provides positive engine braking on all kits. Superior in all conditions for downhill control. Seamless downhill braking transitions. Special back drive cam profiles are developed to optimize engine braking characteristics.

The Duraclutch provides improved belt life! The benefit is so effective Duraclutch will warranty the belt for 5,000 miles or 1 year whichever occurs first.

The Duraclutch will hold up better or the same as a stock clutch when put through the elements. The requirement for cleaning the Duraclutch is the same as a stock: nonrestrictive clean air through the clutch cooling ducts.

Duraclutch belts last longer! More than 10,000 miles on a Duraclutch belt is not abnormal. We recommend examining a belt at 5000 miles in hard use and 10,000 miles in normal use.

Although the Duraclutch is tough, it is not completely indestructible and can be damaged like any other mechanical part if it is abused or used in a way that it was never designed for. We hope this will help you to understand the proper installation and use of your new Duraclutch system, as the warranty simply covers manufacturer defects, and not improper installation or abuse.

Let’s start with Tires
Generally, you don’t want to go 3″ over what your stock tires are, as power is lost at a rate of 8% for every inch you go over stock if you are using Duraclutch or not. Gear ratios go higher with the larger tires and the durability of many parts on that vehicle can go down very quickly. If you really want to or must go over 3″, then always use low range to prevent excessive wear & tear and consider gear reduction.

Gear Reduction Information
Replacing your stock transmission gears is labeled as a lift or reduction, depending on what size gears you go with. It is not done at the factory and has to be done aftermarket.

If you do get a gear reduction, you may need different weights in your Duraclutch (or even your stock clutch!). These modifications can create just the right condition where your belt can slip, and if that situation is not remedied, it can cause damage to your Duraclutch and void your warranty. Please feel free to ask us if you have a particular situation that you would like an opinion on.

Really Thick Mud
If you’re down stuck in thick mud where the tires are not moving, all clutches will have trouble. Avoid anything where you’re going to have to have the vehicle recovered by another vehicle.

Water is Bad, Period.
Clutches are made from aluminum, and they get hot. Water getting on them may cause them to crack and break, so you really need to keep water away from your Duraclutch or any clutch.

Rock Climbing or Slow Technical Riding
This is one of the best conditions for Duraclutch and where it really shines! If you get your tires into rocks but they just won’t turn, then you’ve reached the point where only the winch is going to get you going again. But until that point, rock crawling is one place where you will fall in love with your Duraclutch!

The Ranger/RZR vehicle is covered by its respective Polaris warranty. The Duraclutch limited warranty does not cover the Ranger/RZR vehicle and its components.

Checking Internal Drag
Duraclutch - Longer Belt Life, Smoother Starts and Better Engine Braking
Duraclutch - Longer Belt Life, Smoother Starts and Better Engine Braking

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Duraclutch - Longer Belt Life, Smoother Starts and Better Engine Braking