The Best Clutch Replacement You Can Get for a Polaris General

What is the Best Upgrade Available for Your Polaris GENERAL?

Do you love your Polaris GENERAL as much as I do? It’s the perfect combination of work and play. Plenty of power, wide enough to be stable but not so wide that there are places it cannot go (that has happened to some of my RZR buddies!), and it can tow enough to save me from using my truck all the time.

When I decided to give my GENERAL some upgraded love, I thought of what I could do to improve it, especially for my passengers.

So the first upgrade I made to my GENERAL was to add the Duraclutch for the Polaris GENERAL. I ordered from their website, the shipping was free, and it came just a couple of days later. Everything I needed was in the bundle I ordered: A new primary clutch, a new secondary clutch, a new belt, a belt removal tool, the one bolt I needed, a spring, a filter, and a clutch puller.

I watched the installation video on Duraclutch’s YouTube Channel and was able to install it myself in a little under two hours, mainly because I just wasn’t in a hurry.

After installing my kit, I took a short ride and immediately noticed the difference. The jerky starts were gone entirely, and I remain impressed at how smooth my starts are – no matter if I am starting slowly or punching it – it’s smooth.

Where I live in Arizona, many of the trails have deep inclines covered in loose rock or gravel. With my new Duraclutch kit, I crawl down those loose inclines with great confidence; I just let off the gas and let the engine do the work to slow the vehicle. By not using the brakes, I prevent the wheels from stopping completely and then sliding, which could result in an unwanted slide.

So, all in all, this Polaris GENERAL upgrade has been well worth it. However, if you’re considering improving your ride, Duraclutch is the way to go.

– LP

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The Best Polaris General Clutch

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