Revitalize Your Polaris ACE 900 with Duraclutch

Polaris ACE Clutch Update

Attention, Polaris ACE 900 enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you. While Polaris has made the difficult decision to discontinue the production of full-size and Youth ACE single-seat ATVs, we at Duraclutch are stepping up to ensure that your ACE 900 continues to perform at its best, or better than ever, for years to come.

Introducing the new Duraclutch Kit #15-568, specifically designed as a replacement/upgrade clutch kit for the beloved Polaris ACE 900 single-seater UTVs. Our mission is simple: to keep your ACE on the trail and enhance its performance with smoother starts, longer belt life, and improved engine braking.

Why Choose Duraclutch?

Smoother starts, better engine braking and longer belt life means every aspect of riding your ACE will be more fun than ever. Crawling over rocks, traversing the trails or crossing the fields will be a better experience than ever before. The new kit comes complete with the revolutionary new R-Series Duraclutch primary clutch, a TEAM® Tied Secondary clutch, a belt, belt removal tool, decals, blue Loctite, shims, secondary hardware, and easy-to-follow installation instructions. With these components, you can expect enhanced durability, reliability, and performance from your ACE 900.

The Polaris ACE 900 Legacy

The Polaris ACE 900, produced from 2017 to 2019, captivated riders with its agile handling and powerful performance. While Polaris has ceased production of this model, rest assured that replacement parts will remain available for some time. And with Duraclutch by your side, you can elevate your ACE 900 to new heights of performance and reliability.

Get Back on the Trail

Whether you’re a seasoned ACE 900 rider or a newcomer to the scene, now is the perfect time to invest in the future of your vehicle. Don’t let the end of production deter you; instead, seize this opportunity to enhance your ACE’s performance with the Duraclutch Kit #15-568.

Stay Connected

For more information about the Polaris ACE series, visit the Polaris ACE page. And to learn more about the Duraclutch R-Series Kit #15-568 and to purchase yours today, visit our website here.

At Duraclutch, we’re committed to keeping your off-road adventures alive and thriving. Upgrade your ACE 900 today and experience the Duraclutch difference firsthand. Let’s hit the trails with confidence and performance like never before!

Polaris ACE Clutch Replacement

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