SVI TRACTION CONTROL SYSTEM (TCS) for units with tires or tracks. Provides AWD with independent locking of the rear differential. Improves steering, reduces drive train stress.


  • 2017-2024 GENERAL (all models)
  • RANGER Full Size models thru 2019.
  • BOBCAT and GRAVELY all models thru 2018



RANGERS have a unique patented industry-leading AWD system. In AWD the rear differential locks and the front-drive is activated (not engaged)and automatically engages when the rear loses traction. When the rear regains traction the front automatically disengages. The rear differential is always locked when the front drive is activated.

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The SVI Traction Control System (TCS) is designed for the RANGER AWD system. The TCS separates the front-drive function from the rear differential lock function. With TCS the front drive is always activated, but the rear differential is not locked. The rear differential is locked and unlocked with a dash switch by the driver. The REAR DIFLOC switch blinks red indicating to turn it off unless the rear differential lock is needed.

The TCS wire harness plugs into the main harness and works with the computer separating the front-drive and rear differential function. This eliminates pushing when turning in low traction conditions and providing tight turns. It reduces torque loads in the drive train especially when loaded and turning. RANGERS with tracks and without the TCS system routinely fail drive shafts, especially if loaded.

The TCS works well on RANGERS with tires also. It eliminates pushing in the corners when AWD is engaged. It reduces torque spikes in the rear half shafts especially when loaded and turning. RANGER CREWS especially will damage rear half shaft if operated in this situation.

This works on your Polaris RANGER with or without the DURATRACKS system.

Replaces the AWD/Differential Lock Switch section under FEATURES AND CONTROLS and the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) section under OPERATION.

With the SVI Traction Control System (TCS) the front drive is always activated. The front wheels automatically engage when the rear wheels lose traction. With TCS, when the front drive is engaged:
1. TCS eliminates rear-wheel drive shaft stress when turning, especially with heavy loads.
2. TCS enables sharp turning and eliminates “pushing” when in mud or on ice.
3. TCS provides the capability to drive on grass and fragile terrain without turf damage.


View the installation video here.

Traction Control System #15-069 – Polaris GENERAL, Older RANGER, Bobcat & Gravely Models


Traction Control System #15-069 – Polaris GENERAL, Older RANGER, Bobcat & Gravely Models

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