2016-2021 Polaris GENERAL Calibration Upgrade Package – Part #15-522 (For Duraclutch Kit #15-517, #10-158 Secondary)

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2016-2021 Polaris GENERAL Calibration Upgrade Package
Customer Reviews:
Outing, MN
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"Best Accessory I Have Installed So Far"
Casa Grande, AZ
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"I really like the better engine braking coming down hills"
Eric Nelon
Polaris RZR 900s
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"Best money I have ever spent on my machine. I don’t have to worry about my belt going out anymore running 32 inch tires."
Jack from Carlsbad NM
Ranger 900 XP
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"Mainly use my ranger as a hunting buggy, slow driving in rough terrain. The clutch change made a complete difference. Instant clutch engagement. Rock crawling is a breeze, especially big loose rocks uphill. Installed an inline blower at the same time, before installing burning rubber and hot plastic is all you smelled. And yes it’s quieter. Had it since 2019 no issues."
Eric Nelon
Polaris RZR 900s
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"Best money I have ever spent on my machine. I don’t have to worry about my belt going out anymore running 32 inch tires."
West Texas Tarantula Outdoors
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"You get power without even having to climb up on the RPMs."
Tuscon, AZ
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"We no longer worry about burning up belts."
Bane Cox
2013 Polaris Ranger 900XP
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"Date of purchase was approx. Oct. of 2014…. Very pleased with the clutch, I would not own a Ranger without one. I use mine for farm work and hunting in the mountains of SW Virginia. About 4 years ago, the clutch started dragging at idle just enough to make it hard to shift, called Duraclutch and they said for me to send it in and they rebuilt it free after over 5 years of use. Good people and great customer service."

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Calibration Upgrade Package 15-522


Spare Belt


Infrared Belt Temperature Gauge


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NEW: Polaris GENERAL-1  Calibration Upgrade Package – Part #15-522

This package has a retail value of over $400, for a limited time we are selling this package for just $249.99.

This new Calibration Upgrade Package will improve your overall riding experience. It especially improves the transition from clutch pack engagement to CVT low ratio. In most driving conditions it provides better fuel economy. Our testing shows longer clutch pack and belt life.

This GENERAL-1 Calibration Upgrade Package is for current owners of a 15-517 Duraclutch system up to 2/22/2021 with a  Secondary with part #10-158. Secondary Part Number is on a decal on the front &/or engraved on back outer edge of sheave.

This Upgrade Package will work for customers who have had the ECU flashed for false misfire codes. If your vehicle has the ECU re-flashed for RPM and horsepower changes or has other engine modifications, this Calibration Upgrade Package may not provide the improvements it was designed for.

Package includes a Primary Spring, a set of RG-75 Weights, Weight Pins and Nuts, Primary Decal, Primary Intake Filter and a new Belt. The under-hood filter provides clean air for CVT cooling improving durability in dusty riding conditions.

Calibration Upgrade Package Fits: 
2016-2021 Polaris GENERAL 1000 & Crew with a Duraclutch kit #15-517 with a  Secondary with part #10-158.

You can download the installation instructions right here.

Note: free shipping does not apply to this package.