DURACLUTCH will work without modification, but for the more performance minded, we now sell weight kits for your DURACLUTCH based on elevation.


  • STOCK WEIGHT: Below 6000 ft.
  • LEVEL 1 WEIGHT: 6,000 to 12,000 ft.
  • LEVEL 2 WEIGHT: Above 12,000 ft.

These are guidelines. Individual setups and conditions vary. Adjustment may be needed. See note 1 below.

Installing tires with a diameter greater than O.E.M. tire diameter will void the warranty unless a compensating gear reduction is installed in the drivetrain to offset the gear-up due to the increased tire diameter. This can be done with outboard portal gear reductions at the wheel or changing internal transmission gearing or both.

Customers can, and many do, install DURACLUTCHES on vehicles with tire diameters larger than the O.E.M. diameter. It is impossible for any CVT to compensate for the resultant gear-up without a corresponding drivetrain gear reduction. However an individual can adjust their driving technique to compensate for this gear-up. There are many DURACLUTCH customers who are satisified with the performance and durability. However since this is driver dependant requiring reasonable care and vehicle understanding, it is impossible for SVI, LLC to warranty the DURACLUTCH as such. See notes 2 and 3 below.