PRO XD (Commercial)

With Duraclutch, you can choose between our S-Series and R-Series. Both provide longer belt life, smoother starts and better engine braking. 

Duraclutch Kit #15-555 for 2022-Current Ranger 570


So What's the Difference? (R-Series vs S-Series)

Polaris Sportsman 570 Clutch


Duraclutch Kit 15-520


Superior Calibration: Both have been built as a calibrated system with the primary “tied” to the secondary.  This provides:

Smoothability: Both the R-Series and the S-Series provide ultra smooth starts in forward and reverse – no more jerks, twerks and sqwerks.


  • Ultra Smooth Starts: No more jerks!
  • Superior Engine Braking:
    • Better downhill engine braking
    • “Jerkless” rolling stops.
  • Sealed:
    • Reduces wear
    • Ads long-term function consistency
  • Superior Calibration: The primary is tied to and calibrated to the secondary.  This provides:
    • Smoother shifting
    • Great backshifting
    • Excellent fuel economy


  • Smooth: Jerkless starts.
  • Positive Engine Braking: In all conditions:
    • Downhill
    • Rolling stops
    • Loose gravel
  • Continuously Engaged Belt:
    • Longer belt life
    • smoother engagement
    • No belt burning
  • Calibrated System: The primary and secondary are tuned as a single unit, providing:
    • Better backshifting
    • Easy take offs
    • Excellent fuel economy