Polaris Off-Road Clutch Replacement

The founders of Duraclutch have been deeply involved with the creation and development of the Polaris UTV line, including the Ranger, RZR and General. You’ll notice that when you talk to any of the members of the Duraclutch team, you’ll recognize right away their depth of knowledge and passion for the making the best ride ever.

To that end, the Duraclutch founders realized early on in the development of the UTV market that the drive train in each machine had a large potential for enhanced performance, and the Duraclutch was born.

That’s why today, we offer the best Polaris replacement clutches, including the amazing new R-SERIES kits, Polaris clutch upgrades, our military and industrial strength Duratracks system, and the best Polaris accessories to make your ride better all the time.

We never stop striving to make your ride the best it can be. Everyone who works at Specialty Vehicles International (the parent company to Duraclutch and Duratracks) has their own machines to ride. All of us use our GENERALs, RZRs and RANGERS to go hunting, enjoy riding through the woods, working on the yard and more, just like you. The exception is that we take notes on the ride, come up with new ideas, implementing them and testing them.

We love this stuff!

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Polaris Clutch Installation