New Customer Testimonial

I have a 2013 Ranger Diesel. In the beginning the unit ran very good, but over time it got harder to shift and harsh clutch engagement. The shifting got so bad I had to shut the engine off to change gears. At this point I began to think I had made a pour choice buying the Ranger. I decided to sell or trade it in, but first I was going to take the clutch assy. apart and attempt to fix the problem myself. In reading about the clutch to learn as much as I could about its operation, is when I found out about Duraclutch. It sounded to good to be true, I got one, installed it (easy), tried it, and found it exceeds my expectations on all aspects. Shifting, clutch engagement, engine braking, these functions were never as smooth as now. On a scale of 1 to 10, the duraclutch is a 12. Worth every penny! Duraclutch is an absolute must for the Polaris Diesel !!!

Thank you, Jim D.

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