Superior Incline Shifting with Your Bobcat or Ranger

Incline Shifting and Your UTV

Paolo Rizzardi had some issues with his Bobcat Diesel UTV.

He just didn’t have the control he wanted, and the machine jerked when he started to move. But the worst part was trying to shift the vehicle on inclines – the clutches would put tension on the transmission, so he couldn’t shift the vehicle without turning the machine off.

So what did he do? Paulo ordered and installed Duraclutch Kit #15-512 that fits the Bobcat with a diesel engine. Kit #15-512 also fits several models of the Polaris Rangers with diesel engines.

The result?

Paolo loves the upgrade. His Bobcat doesn’t jerk when he takes off and he can shift with one finger while on an incline. Now he can get up steeper inclines and he’s loving the smoother starts.

Paolo highly recommends Duraclutch for your working machine. He’ll be using his Bobcat to plow all winter and he’s looking forward to his smoother starts and longer belt life.

See for yourself:

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