“I will be recommending you guys to all my friends”

Steve Emerson from here at Duraclutch recently helped out Timothy Irwin get his new Duraclutch R-Series Kit #15-538 (with transmission number 1333284) all ready to go for his 2015 Polaris RANGER 570 Midsize.

How did it go? We’ll let Timothy speak for himself: 

I got my clutch installed. The install was a breeze. My machine required 2 shims on the secondary instead of the three the instructions tell you to start with. I absolutely love the clutch thus far. I have found I use much less gas pedal and stay lower in the RPMs than I did with the factory clutch. It also cured my annoying clanking at rear tire engagement. It has been exactly what I hoped it would be. I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me and explaining the differences in the R series vs the regular cluth. Your help was most appreciated. I will be recommending you guys to all my friends with polaris machines. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Timothy! We appreciate that! 

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Duraclutch Equipped Polaris Ranger 570