I installed this bad boy to my 2017 RZR S 1000

“Ok I installed this bad boy to my 2017 RZR S 1000. I will tell you the difference was noticeable as soon as I put the machine in gear. I had positive shifting, if you own a RZR you should know what I’m talking about.

From the factory when you shift the RZR into gear you had to bump the throttle to make sure it was in gear, if you just stepped on the throttle and it was between gear it would sound like the tranny was going to explode. That all went away with the DURACLUTCH.

In both low and high gear this car has now lag in engaging the car will move with just the slightest push of the pedal. Low gear was truly LOW gear, I crawled up rock walls in two wheel drive and played all day in MOAB in two wheel drive. Hells Revenge, Poison Spider, Metal Masher and Rusty Nail.

DURACLUTCH makes different weights for altitude. Being in Colorado I ride mostly above 6000ft. In fact I’m never below 8000ft. You can purchase weights to adjust for the altitude or purchase another primary for above 6000ft. I do a lot of traveling and ride at sea level so to change the weights in the Primary you have to remove it from the machine and take the primary apart which can be time consuming and a pain if the spacers come out of the slides. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to swap out the primary. This will give you a chance to blow out the clutches as well blowing them out will give you longevity with your new clutches.

The DURACLUTCH TEAM are great to work with I would suggest calling them and discussing your setup on your machine so they can direct you in the best setup for your RZR. Thank you Stephanie and Mitchel for all you guys did to get me in the right setup for my machine.
Ed Miller from the comments here on Duraclutch.com!

(Image not from Mr. Miller)

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