DURACLUTCH Even Makes for a Happier Wife!

The latest from our new comments here on DURACLUTCH.COM

“Stephanie,  I wanted to let you know I did get the new Duraclutch Gen II installed on my 2016 Polaris Ranger Crew.

Amazing difference in power, responsiveness and speed. It is like a different machine. Smooth as silk shifting and the “clunking” is gone.

I want people out there to know to not hesitate to get this put onto their machines.  What made this process less stressful was you and the mechanics at Duraclutch who helped me through the process. The stuck secondary clutch was a bugger but the Mystic Miracle Oil & removing the top breather to get behind was the answer.

Love the performance and wife is very happy the shifting is so much easier. You have a great product,  outstanding company and your WORD is solid as oak.  

Keep up the over the top customer service. – Ray H.”

The picture above is not Ray’s actual machine… but it sure looks nice doesn’t it??

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