“Fantastic service and an awesome product”

“Thank you Stephanie so much for such excellent and fast service. I picked up the clutch this morning at UPS (driver couldn’t find our house) and installed it this afternoon. I am quit honestly amazed at the difference. So smooth from standing to top speed, it is like a whole different beast. I can see not using low unless towing or hauling a heavy load or, crawling up, or down a steep incline. The brakes should last for ever with the engine braking. The CVT disengaging has always been my biggest complaint. No more freewheeling with the Duraclutch! Thanks again for the fantastic service and a awesome product. I have a friend that will most likely be giving you a call, he also has a 2015 Ranger 570 Full size.”

Well thank you Dexter! We love to hear from Duraclutch and Duratrax users. If you have an experience you’d like to share, please email it to us!

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