“Everything it’s Advertised To Be”

The Duraclutch is everything it’s advertised to be.

After confirming two items on the installation, I put everything back together this morning. Cranked the engine in neutral and made sure that I had no “creep” before installing the clutch cover, and all was aligned properly.

The effect of the Duraclutch was immediate: I put it into reverse and gave a little gas, and the clutch engaged smoothly and predictably, with no jerk at all….it was great! The test ride was about 3 miles long, on level asphalt country road in the MS Delta, and the speed was varied to check out the engine braking at various speeds.

The Duraclutch provided engine braking at ALL speeds, allowing the throttle, rather than gravity, to control the Polaris’ speed.

In summary, I’m glad to have Duraclutch in my Polaris and think it’s worth the money. Goodbye to jerky starts and riding the brakes down the hills of Alabama. And thanks to Todd at Hunterworks for his advice and help!

John Beasley
2012 Polaris Ranger 800XP

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