New Kit from Duraclutch for the Polaris XPEDITION

Elevate Your Polaris XPEDITION Experience with the new kit from Duraclutch – Upgrade Kit #15-571

Polaris Xpedition Upgrade, Kit #15-571Take your Polaris XPEDITION to the next level – Introducing the new Duraclutch Upgrade Kit #15-571, designed specifically for the new Polaris XPEDITION. Built to enhance performance, durability, and your overall experience. Whether you’re exploring rugged terrains or cruising through off-road trails, this upgrade kit is engineered to elevate your adventure.

Exclusive Specially Curved Weights
Experience unmatched performance with specially curved weights, available only with this Duraclutch Upgrade Kit. These meticulously designed weights optimize clutch engagement, resulting in smoother take-offs and acceleration. Designed to complement the powerful XPEDITION engine, these curved weights ensure maximum efficiency and performance on every ride.

Enhanced Performance, Easy Installation
Equipped with primary clutch shims and accompanied by easy-to-follow installation instructions, the Duraclutch Upgrade Kit offers hassle-free installation, allowing you to spend less time in the garage and more time on the trails. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, installing this kit is a breeze, ensuring a seamless upgrade process.

Accelerate the Adventure with Duraclutch and the new Polaris XPEDITION.

The Ultimate SUV-Like UTV Experience
The new Polaris XPEDITION sets the standard for SUV-like UTVs, boasting impressive features such as 200 miles of range, optional air conditioning, a powerful stereo system, and a sealed cab for ultimate comfort and convenience. With its unrivaled overland adventure capabilities, the XPEDITION is the perfect companion for exploring the great outdoors.

Maximize Your XPEDITION’s Potential
With the Duraclutch Upgrade Kit (Kit #15-571), you can maximize the potential of your XPEDITION like never before. Lowering the engagement to 1700 RPMs, reducing distance from zero to seventy miles per hour*, and decreasing engine RPMs by 600-700 RPMs at all speeds, this kit transforms your XPEDITION into a powerhouse of performance and efficiency. Rock crawling becomes a breeze with improved belt grip, ensuring unparalleled traction and control on challenging terrain.

Experience the Difference Today
Don’t settle for average performance when you can experience excellence with the Duraclutch Upgrade Kit. Designed to enhance the capabilities of the new Polaris XPEDITION, this kit is a game-changer for off-road enthusiasts seeking the ultimate driving experience. Upgrade your XPEDITION today and unleash its full potential.

Accelerate Your Adventure with Duraclutch
Ready to elevate your XPEDITION experience? Visit Duraclutch’s website today to learn more and get your hands on the new XPEDITION Upgrade Kit. Take your off-road adventures to new heights with Duraclutch.

*Acceleration increases will vary by machine and configuration. Our tests were mostly done on a CREW Cab HVAC model, so the 2-seater, alternate tire sizes, and other factors will affect your results.

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Elevate Your Polaris XPEDITION Experience with the New Duraclutch Upgrade Kit