Here’s a GREAT write up by an actual DURACLUTCH customer vs one of our competitors.

Here’s a great quote from the article:

The Duraclutch does change the personality of the Ranger. It makes it feel/drive more like a work horse, overall less ‘sporty’ feeling than the DDP. The engagement is silky and the shifting is butter. The spring/helix setup seems to hold the secondary closed longer producing a lower geared machine. If you were intending to use the Ranger for any work (plowing, mudding, hunting, hauling, spraying, towing, crawling, etc) my suggestion would be the Duraclutch. You had better want engine braking though because it has pretty solid engine braking.

Overall the Duraclutch seems more appropriate for how most folks use their Rangers…

You can read the full post on prcforum.com.

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