Duraclutch Rebuilds or Servicing

Duraclutch is now offering flat fee rebuild or servicing of your out of warranty Duraclutch – and we make it simple!

Is your Duraclutch out of warranty and in need of some love? No one is better at servicing your Duraclutch better than us! We’ve made the process as simple as possible for you and put a flat-rate on it so there are no surprises – just $525 + return shipping.

Here's the new Duraclutch Service works:

  1. To start the process, select the Duraclutch kit you have
  2. We’ll evaluate your clutch and contact you if there are any issues, otherwise, we will service or rebuild your Duraclutch in the shop where they are made. 
  3. We will package up your refurbished Duraclutch Kit back to you. 

It's that simple!

Duraclutch Service

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