Duraclutch Kit #15-540 RANGER 1000 & RANGER 1000 CREW (Non XP Models)

 READY TO RUN – Just bolt on and go!

Through months of development we paired our patented Duraclutch primary with a well proven post tied secondary for the newer Ranger 1000 SOHC platform that provides a superior ride!

Experience Smoothability when installing this kit, smooth starts, smooth shifting, smooth ride! Our Duraclutch System provides just the right engine braking for navigating hills and trails.

Continuous belt engagement with the Duraclutch primary and all NEW secondary results in no more belt burning and longer belt life!

This Kit does NOT FIT: 2020-2023 RANGER XP 1000 & RANGER CREW XP 1000 models.See Kit #15-549.

Here’s what comes with your kit:

  • Primary Clutch
  • Team-Tied Secondary Clutch
  • Belt
  • Primary Clutch Screw with Bushing
  • 2 Sockets
  • Belt Removal Tool
  • Secondary Bolt & Washers
  • Blue Loctite
  • Clutch Cover
  • Instructions

For questions about this product or for technical support, please contact us at 218-967-8205.

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Duraclutch Kit #15-540 Intro Video