Duraclutch 15-539

As we continue to test the new R-Series Duraclutch kit 15-539, we’re happy to announce it’s ready for more SPORTSMAN 450, 500 & 570s than ever. 

It’s not just a replacement, its a serious upgrade! Smoother starts, better engine braking & longer belt life, all built into a durable primary and secondary to last you for years to come.

One thing we’ve learned is that there is some variations in almost every model year that means you really must have your machines transmission number to ensure you are ordering the correct kit. Have no fear, it is easy to find, just check out this video:

For what models the new kit fits, see the table (chart) towards the bottom of the page on the Duraclutch 15-539 page.But generally, the new kit fits:
  • 2006-2023 SPORTSMAN 450s
  • 1999-2014 SPORTSMAN 500s
  • 2014-2023 SPORTSMAN 570s Models
  • NOTE: Does not work with the 2021-2022 SPORTSMAN 570 models with P190X clutches.
Order your Duraclutch 15-539 R-Series today, bolt it on yourself and for just $950, you’ll have a better ride that will last for years to come.

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Duraclutch 15-539