“This Clutch Has Changed Our Riding Experience”

I am writing to report on the Duraclutch I had installed a few months ago, in case anyone is interested in my take on this system.

We live at 7300ft, and nearly always ride between 7300 and 10000 ft. We have a 2014 1000 XP. Much of the terrain is very steep, rocky and nasty. However, we also put in lots of miles on typical Forest Service roads. On those roads, I ride fast, around 50 mph.

We now have 950 miles on this clutch. I also installed 30” 10 ply tires at the same time as the clutch. So far, this thing has been amazing. Sometimes, I think this machine would climb a tree if the bark didn’t come off!

The Duraclutch is smooth on the take off and pulls like my John Deere. Fast driving is no problem. We have been on trails that a horse would fear to tread.

As to the reliability in the long run, I could not comment, because I don’t know. Thus far however, this clutch has changed our riding experience. I highly recommend it!

Duraclutch Owner

While this is very much a real testimonial about Duraclutch, the photo is a stock photo, not from the author of the testimonial.

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