Why Buy a Duraclutch R-Series for Polaris RZR 900 Machines? (NEW Video)

Why Buy a Duraclutch R-Series

Why Buy a Duraclutch R-Series? If you own a Polaris, Bobcat or Gravely ATV or UTV and are looking for a significant upgrade to your vehicle’s clutch system, the Duraclutch R-Series is an option worth considering. This new clutch kit from Duraclutch is designed to enhance the performance of your vehicle in several key ways: […]

The Legacy of Polaris University: The Evolution of UTV Clutching

Duraclutch Support Because Clutches Need Love Too!

The Legacy of Polaris University: The Evolution of UTV Clutching In the high-octane world of motorsports, innovation is the lifeblood that fuels champions. Behind every victory, there’s a story of relentless determination, pioneering spirit, and a quest for perfection. Such is the tale of the legendary Polaris Professional Snowmobile Race Team (often referred to as […]

Revitalize Your Polaris ACE 900 with Duraclutch

Attention, Polaris ACE 900 enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you. While Polaris has made the difficult decision to discontinue the production of full-size and Youth ACE single-seat ATVs, we at Duraclutch are stepping up to ensure that your ACE 900 continues to perform at its best, or better than ever, for […]

New Kit from Duraclutch for the Polaris XPEDITION

Elevate Your Polaris XPEDITION Experience with the New Duraclutch Upgrade Kit

Elevate Your Polaris XPEDITION Experience with the new kit from Duraclutch – Upgrade Kit #15-571 Take your Polaris XPEDITION to the next level – Introducing the new Duraclutch Upgrade Kit #15-571, designed specifically for the new Polaris XPEDITION. Built to enhance performance, durability, and your overall experience. Whether you’re exploring rugged terrains or cruising through […]

Sneak Peak: All New G3 Duratracks for the XD 1500 Polaris RANGER

Sneak Peak of the all new G3 Duratracks system on the all new Polaris XD 1500 RANGER

We’re excited to let you in on a little secret… we have Generation Three (G3) Duratracks system coming for the all-new 2024 Polaris XD 1500 RANGER! Pictured in his favorite place in the world, Duraclutch and Duratracks founder Mitchell Johnson is out testing the new machine near the Polaris motherland of Roseau, Minnesota. Did you […]

2015 RZR 900 Duraclutch R-Series Now Shipping!

Kit 15-563

We paired our R-Series primary with a well proven post tied secondary for the 2015 RANGER 900 (all models). Direct bolt-on, easy installation. This kit will make your RZR smoother, and more responsive. Plus it’s durable – and that’s why we call all our kits “dura” clutch. The kit ships free to the lower 48 […]

2016-2023 RZR 900 Duraclutch R-Series is Now Available

Duraclutch Kit 15-561 Bundle

Kit #15-561 is now available for the 2016-2023 RZR 900, and works on all models in those years. Easy to install, FREE shipping to the lower 48 states, and under $1,000 for a new primary, secondary and belt. The R-Series pairs our new primary with a well proven post tied secondary and comes with everything […]

The 2011-2014 RZR 900 Duraclutch R-Series is Here!

Kit #15-562

The Duraclutch R-Series is here for the 2011-2014 RZR 900. Kit #15-562 consists of a Primary clutch, a Secondary clutch, a belt, a belt removal tool, blue loctite, shims, the secondary hardware kit a decal. The kit also comes with detailed instructions so you can install it yourself. You can go to our YouTube channel […]

NEW! Duraclutch R-Series Kit for the 2013 RZR 900

Duraclutch R-Series 15-560 Kit

It’s here! The new Duraclutch R-Series kit for the 2013 RZR 900! Now you can get longer belt life, smoother starts and better engine braking. We paired our R-Series primary with a well proven post tied secondary for the 2013 RANGER 900 (all models). This is a direct bolt-on, and installation is easy. Kit includes […]

Bobcat Duratracks in Orange

Duratracks tracking system for Bobcat ATVs

If you were lucky enough to be at Dakota Fest in Mitchell, South Dakota from August 15th through the 17th, you might have seen a remarkable version of our amazing Duratracks, specifically formulated for Bobcat UTVs.  Whether you’re out on your Bobcat taming trails, conquering fields, or navigating the wild, these Duratracks could be your […]

An Even More Reliable Farm Hand

A more reliable farmhand

If you’re using a Polaris Ranger or Sportsman on your farm or ranch, you know how important it is to have a reliable vehicle that can handle tough terrain and heavy loads. One of the essential components of any off-road vehicle is the clutch. That’s where Duraclutch comes in. The Duraclutch is a heavy-duty, American-made […]