Brand New Ranger 570 Kit!

New kit fits the 2022 - current Ranger 570
with transmission #1334612 & 1334588!

This kit is for Ranger 570 Models with P190X clutches.

We never stop innovating and today we are stoked to tell you about our latest Duraclutch Kit.

Experience Smoothability after installing this kit: smooth starts, smooth shifting and a smooth ride. Easy installation, just bolt on and go cruising, no tuning necessary.

Our Duraclutch System provides just the right engine braking for navigating hills and trails. Continuous belt engagement with the Duraclutch primary and secondary results in no more belt burning and longer belt life.

Kit includes a primary, secondary, belt, belt removal tool, primary & secondary screw with hardware, clutch Cover, blue Loctite, decal, and easy to follow installation instructions.

Duraclutch Kit #15-555 Fits:

  • 2022-Current Ranger 570 with the following transmission numbers (see the photos below to find your transmission number):
    • 1334612
    • 1334588
  • DOES NOT FIT: 2022-current Ranger 670 with the following transmission numbers:
    • 1334341 (see kit #15-505)
    • 1334325 (see kit #15-505)
NOTE: To locate transmission part number look at transmission housing behind rear wheel and it will either say Model # or Part # on decal. See pics below.
Sportsman 570 Transmission NumberSportsman 570 Transmission Number

Video: Finding your transmission number to order the correct kit

Variances in some models makes knowing your transmission number the only way you can ensure you are ordering the correct kit.

Transmission Number Locationl

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Duraclutch Kit #15-555 for 2022-Current Ranger 570