Better UTV Fuel Mileage with Duraclutch

Better UTV Fuel Mileage with Duraclutch

Here at Duraclutch, we are hearing from more and more Duraclutch customers that their fuel mileage improved after they installed their Duraclutch kit.

Tim Johnson, owner of the Kendall Ranch in Colorado bought a Duraclutch 15-520 kit for his 2019 Ranger Crew 1000 XP. He was having some belt squealing noise with the Timken belt on takeoff. Steve at Duraclutch quickly sent him one of the new SVI 35-024 belts, and that took care of the noise. What Tim noticed was that he got a lot further on a tank of gas after the Duraclutch was installed.

Listen to Tim Johnson – in his own words:

Here's the Transcipt

“Hey Steve – Tim Johnson out in Limon Colorado – thank you for the belt, it made a tremendous amount of difference, it’s night and day. And, kind of amazing, I had noticed it before I even changed clutches but, my mileage went up about 40% with that Duraclutch on this 2019. So it’s kind of interesting, I didn’t realize that was your claim to fame, but boy its made a night and day difference, 108 miles before it was almost empty, 108 miles now, it’s barely half so that’s kind of interesting, just wanted to say thank you, and take care of yourself. “

Better UTV Fuel Mileage

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