Best Modification I’d Ever Made!

Hi Stephanie;

Thought I’d give you some positive feedback!

I have a herbicide spraying business in Far North Queensland, Australia.

This is the 3rd Ranger I’ve installed a Duraclutch to, the first petrol.

Over a few years now, Todd at Hunterworks has been an invaluable contact in the US, going way above and beyond to get parts to me. A great guy and dealership!

Your products are always the key to performing my work. The Ranger is extensively modified, widened and lifted. It weighs 1300kg when full, boom spraying or travelling down steep muddy hills the Duraclutches always perform perfectly. Never had a maintenance problem with the clutches.

On the 2015 diesel I burned 4-5 belts a year, simply asking too much, too often, but with your blowhole clutch blower installed I’m at 7 months on the original belt!!!

I’ve installed the traction control device to this machine and the improvement in driveability in technical situations is unbelievable. If I didn’t have a Duraclutch I’d say this is the best modification I’d ever made!

Your products transform UTV’s and make them what they should be!


Andrew Lilley

FNQ Weed Services

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