2 Powerful Ways to Improve Your UTV

Looking for great ways to improve your UTV?

Our Air Intake Kit allows for an additional air inlet. The stock inlet can get clogged in snow/ice conditions and will partially block airflow to your clutches. The Duraclutch Air Intake Kit is designed so in conditions like plowing snow or using the Duratracks System, you’ll keep your clutches running cool and as efficiently as possible.

Our blowers provide constant airflow, and on some models, it sucks the hot air out. They keep the airflow moving through the belt box to keep the clutches and belt cool. This is especially popular in hotter areas or muddy terrain. Our blowers are also good if you are running the Duratracks system or if you spend a good amount of time at slower speeds.

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Call (218) 967- 8205 to speak to our Minnesota based sales team. They are extremely knowledgeable about your machine and how Duraclutch products can make it bettter. You can also email us.

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